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19 March 2006 @ 09:23 pm
Most of the time Shane liked his job at White Wolf. He couldn't have held a normal job, or more accurately he didn't want to hold a normal job. The 9-5 hours didn't work for him, nor did having to be punctual all the time, shuffling papers, the idea of personal and vaction days, etc. Shane was a bit of a free spirit to say the least. He was much better suited to working as a bartender, especially when the owner of the establishment happened to be his Alpha. It sure as hell made things a lot easier when he needed to be off for pack functions and what not.

The main problem Shane ran into when it came to his job was keeping his temper in check. He hated having to deal with rude people or billigerant drunks. He had a short fuse, so it was easy for a select few patrons to push his buttons to the point where he wanted to blow. In those cases one of two things happened. He either took a breather in back and managed to avoid trouble. Or if the particular trouble maker was being too much of a pain in the ass, Shane took matters into his own hands. Usually that resulted in a black eye or two, plus a good many bruises for the trouble maker, and got him a huge ass reeming from Daro or one of the other higher ups and put on "probation". That pretty much meant he had to watch his ass for awhile or he was going to get a chunk taken out of it.

Tonight happened to be one of those nights when Shane's fuse was a little shorter than it even normally was. His main problem was a couple of loud mouth guys at the end of the bar who kept harrassing all the waitresses when they came up to put in their drink orders. One of his biggest pet peeves happened to be men mistreating women. Shane was raised to be southern gentleman when it came to such things. (Well, he was a gentleman with ladies anyway.) He usually had a good ol' boy attitude if you didn't piss him off.

Unfortunatley, these guys were pissing him off. He'd tried to ignore it, but when one of the men reached out and patted a waitress on the ass, Shane had had just about all he could take. He'd already warned the boys two different times. Now, they were pushing their luck. Shane threw down his bar towel and started over towards the two. Things were going to get ugly if someone didn't step in.
16 March 2006 @ 06:52 pm
Tristan sat on the back of the Apaloosa and looked down into the valley where his cattle grazed. It had been a hectic year for the Texan. A year full of both tirumph and loss. He had found his perfect home, a ranch outside of Snowcrest, stocked with cattle and a friend from his childhood to manage it. At the same time he had lost someone close to him with the death of both of his parents in a car accident six months ago. That left an empty spot in Tristan's soul, they had been the only family he had and they were both taken from him in the blink of an eye.

"Senor." Manuel called from his left. Tristan turned his head to see his old friend approach on the Black stallion. "We are set for the night, are you still planning on going into town?"

"Si my old friend." Tristan replied with a smile. "You coming with? I'm sure Roselita would love to see you."

"Perhaps." Manuel replied, "I wouldn't want to keep you out all night waiting for me though." The older man replied with a devilish grin.

Tristan couldn't help but laugh. "Yes you're right Manuel, I'm sure I couldn't keep up with you that deep into the night."

"You have heard from her then senor?" Manuel asked as they began to ride towards the barn.

"Si." Tristan said softly. "I got the letter from her yesterday, she's flying out tomorrow."

"Ahhhhh." Manuel said knowingly. "Then we have a lot to do in the morning no?"

"Yes." Tristan said softly, "A lot to do."
27 February 2006 @ 06:21 pm

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